13 Fun and Festive Halloween Games for Kids

These funny and easy Halloween games are best for your family and kids. Best Halloween games ideas for playschool kids. 

Tricks or treat is not the only way to keep your kids enjoy Halloween. to keep your Halloween party blasting, shop or make these Halloween party games for your kids.
These are the best games option for playschool kids.

1. Spider Cornhole

halloween games for kids
Give everyone's favorite backyard game a spider web twist.
Get the tutorial at Crafts Unleashed.

2. Feed the Monster

halloween games for kids
Don't stand too close to this big guy, because he's hungry! For eyeballs being tossed into his mouth, that is.
Get the tutorial at Tried & True.

3. Witch Pitch

halloween games for kids
Candy corn is even more enjoyable when there's a fun tossing game involved.
Get the tutorial at Chica and Jo.

4. Candy Guess Game

halloween games for kids
Have your family try out this guessing game — the lucky winner gets to keep the candy.
Get the tutorial at I Heart Naptime.

5. Pumpkin Ring Toss

halloween games for kids
Your front yard pumpkins will serve as the perfect stands for this classic ring tossing game.
Get the tutorial at Fireflies and Mud Pies.

6. Ghost Races

halloween games for kids
Watch the little ones hop to the finish line in these spooky sacks.
Get the tutorial at Fireflies and Mud Pies.

7. Mummy Bowling

halloween games for kids
Knock out these ancient guys with a mini pumpkin.
Get the tutorial at Giggles Galore.

8. Pin the Spider

halloween games for kids
Download the free printable to play this Halloween-themed classic.
Get the tutorial at Ella Claire.

9. Poke-a-Pumpkin

halloween games for kids
Instead of making party favors, have your pint-sized guests grab a prize from a DIY pumpkin wall.
Get the tutorial at Project Denneler.

10. Pumpkin Golf

halloween games for kids
Take your pumpkin carving skills to the next level for this fun game.
Get the tutorial at A Girl & a Glue Gun.

11. Pumpkin Patch Stomp

halloween games for kids
Blow up balloons with treats inside for a fun stomping game.
Get the tutorial at Delia Creates.

12. Spider Races

halloween games for kids
All the kids will need are straws to help their creepy crawlers reach the finish line.
Get the tutorial at Still Playing School.

13. Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

halloween games for kids
Hide the pieces in the backyard and challenge players to find all of them, then put the skeleton back together.
Get the tutorial at Happy Go Lucky.

Happy Gaming!!
Happy Halloween!!
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