12 DIY Halloween Non-Plastic Trick-or-Treat Bag & Bucket Ideas

Tired of the plastic pumpkin?
Here are 12 creative trick-or-treat bags and buckets to make for the kids on their favorite night of the year -- Halloween!

1. Custom Candy Bag

Kids holding trick-or-treat bags
Want to make your kid's candy bag stand out from the rest? Download a spooky tree or frightfully fun Halloween image and print onto iron-on transfer paper. Then, follow the package instructions to adhere to a canvas tote.

2. Cereal Box Stencil Bags

Jack-o-lantern treat bags
Update a classic fabric tote with easy-to-make stencils and spooky sponge painting.


-Fabric tote
-Fabric paint
-Stencil brush or sponge
-Cereal box
-Crafts knife and cutting mat
-Masking tape


1. Cut one of the largest rectangles from your cereal box.
2. Cut out jack-o'-lantern shapes with a crafts knife on a cutting mat. (An adult will need to do this part.)
3. Next, tape your template to the fabric and have your kids dab on the paint using a stencil brush or sponge (you could also use the end of a spongy paint roller). The trick to getting the paint on neatly is to hold the brush or sponge end perpendicular to the surface. Let dry.
For more detail visit Alphamom. 

3. Freaky Frankenstein

Festive Frankenstein
Wrap a cereal box in green tissue paper and attach strips of crepe paper along the top for hair. Attach silver painted corks to the sides for nodes, then glue on craft foam eyes and a mouth.

4. Ghostly Trick-or-Treat Bag

Ghost bag
When sporting this haunting goody bag, your little trick-or-treater can drop candy straight into the ghost's mouth!


-2 pieces of white felt (13x9 inches)
-1 piece of black felt (13x9 inches)
-Scraps of black felt for eyes
-Ribbon for the strap.Note: You can make up the measurements to fit the scraps you have on hand.


1. Draw a ghost shape onto one of the white pieces of felt; draw a big mouth.
2. Cut out the ghost shape and the mouth to create a hole.
3. Sew on the eyes.
4. Use the front piece as a template and cut out ghost shapes from the other two pieces of felt.
5. Sandwich the three pieces together, with the black in the middle. Add a few pins to hold it in place. Before you sew the edges, tuck each end of the ribbon into the head and pin.
6. Sew around the entire edge.
For more detail visit A Bit of This and a Bit of That. 

5. Personalized Treat Buckets

trick or treat buckets | simplykierste.com
These monogrammed baskets make smart use out of recycled ice cream containers.


-Empty ice cream bucket with a handle
-Hot-glue gun
-Ribbon, about 5-6 yards per bucket
-Foam stamps
-Craft paint


1. Using the hot-glue gun, apply the felt to the bucket, covering the entire outer surface. Trim where necessary.
2. Glue ribbon to the top and bottom of the bucket, covering up the felt edges and the top rim.
3. Tie ribbons along the handle.
4. Use paint to stamp desired name on the front.
For more detail visit Brown Paper Packages

6. Spooky Ghost

Boo-tiful Bag
Tuck a kitchen garbage bag inside a white gift bag and stable a length of thick ribbon to each side for a handle. Cut the ghost's facial features from black tape and press onto the bag.

7. Monster Treat Bags

Monster Bags
Help your little one transform a paper lunch bag into a creepy Halloween monster.


-Brown paper lunch bag
-Acrylic craft paint
-Construction paper
-Glue stick
-Black marker
-Spray glaze or acrylic sealer (optional)


1. Paint bags whatever color you like. Stand them up and let dry. (Place soup cans inside so they don't tip over.) Add another coat and let dry again.
2. While bags are drying, cut facial features out of construction paper. You can use your imagination to make some fun eyes, mouths, and hair.
3. Cut polka dots, squares, stripes, or any other type of decoration you would like to use for your monster.
4. Fold down the top of the bag so that you don't accidentally glue your facial features too high.
5. Using your glue stick, decorate the bag with the stripes, squares, or polka dots. Be sure to cover the entire back of paper shapes with glue so none of the corners stick up.
6. Let everything dry, then apply a coat of sealer spray (optional). Let dry and fill with treats.
For more detail visit Crafts By Amanda

8. Black Cat

Cat's In the Bag
Cut a slit in the hem of a tank top; thread elastic through hem and knot tightly. Cut eyes, ears, and nose from felt, then flue onto the bag along with white chenille-stem whiskers.

9. Pumpkin Goodie Bag

Pumpkin Trick-or-Treat Bag craft
Make a perfectly pumpkin-shape container by gluing together two paper bowls.


-2 small paper bowls
-Hot-glue gun
-Orange and black poster paint
-Hole punch
-Chenille stem or string
-ScissorsNote: Young kids (3-8 years) should use child-safe scissors. Keep the hot-glue gun out of children's reach.


1. Cut the round base off one of the bowls.
2. Join the two bowls together along their rims with a hot-glue gun (use parental assistance).
3. Punch a pair of holes on both sides of the round opening.
4. Paint the pumpkin orange. Let dry.
5. Paint on a jack-o'-lantern features with black paint. Let dry.
6. Create a handle by attaching a chenille stem or string through the pair of holes.
For more detail visit First Palette.

10. Milk Jug Monster

Milky Monster
Cut a hole opposite the handle in the jug. Glue on yarn hair, pom-pom eyes, and felt arms, and striped body with colored tape. Fringe a 3" -wide piece of felt and glue on as skirt.

11. Spooktacular Totes

Add Halloween embellishments to any basic tote with brightly colored felt cutouts and pom poms.


-Basic tote bag
-Various pieces of felt
-Fabric glue
-Googly eyes in various sizes
-Pom Poms


1. Have your child draw a basic monster shape directly onto a piece of felt. Younger children might find it easier to draw on cardstock first, then use that as a pattern to cut their felt (or for really young children, you can use their drawing and cut the monster from felt for them). They will also want to draw some basic shapes for eyes, teeth, ears, arms, etc.
2. Once you have your felt pieces cut out, begin gluing them in place on your tote bag. (The glue dries clear.)
3. Decorate with pom poms and googly eyes.
For more detail visit Joli Paquet.

12. Pumpkin o' Candy

Candied Pumpkin
Draw a jack-o'-lantern face on an orange pillowcase with a fabric marker. Fold the top edge of the case over an embroidery hoop. Hot-glue green ribbon to each side of hoop.

Happy Halloween!!

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