27 Creative and Scary Pumpkin-Carving Ideas for halloween

Try these super creative pumpkins ideas on this Halloween. Spooky and festive Halloween decoration for outdoor and indoor.
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1. Lantern Pumpkins

Put a cheeky spin on the word jack-o'-lantern with three glowing silhouettes of old-school lamps. Try this classic lamp design that glows from within.

2. Crescent Moon Pumpkin Design

Create a modern jack-o-lantern that shines as bright as the moon itself. 
Paul Lowe, a New York City stylist, found inspiration in a classic toy for his celestial creation. 

3. Stylish Digits Pumpkin Carving

Give your gourd a functional edge by carving your street address in it. The pizza delivery person won't miss your house again! (At least not in the month of October.) Blogger Diane made this beauty with a foam pumpkin, but you could easily substitute the real thing. 

4. Big Dipper Pumpkin Carving

A twinkling twist on typical carved decor. Cut a hole in the back of a large pumpkin and scoop out pulp and seeds. Coat the surface with chalkboard spray-paint and let dry; season as instructed. Use white stick chalk to mark the Big Dipper, then drill through the points with a medium drill bit. Insert a battery-powered string of lights in the constellation points. Use white chalk to connect points, and draw additional stars on the pumpkin.

5. Pumpkin with drilled shapes

We're over the moon for these dotted odes to country icons. To make it, cut a hole in the bottom of a large pumpkin and scoop out pulp and seeds. Mark off a pattern with an erasable wax pencil, then use a medium drill bit to punch out a dotted outline of your image. Leave approximately the same amount of space between each hole.

6. Pumpkins on Fire Carving Idea

Set your hearth ablaze with these pumpkin-carved flames. Begin by experimenting with the placement of pumpkins in your fireplace. Once you're satisfied with the arrangement, trim any stems that interfere with stacking stability, then determine how many flames each gourd should get. (Use this photo as a guide.)
Note where each pumpkin goes and dismantle the arrangement. Carve a hole in the bottom of each pumpkin, scoop out the pulp, and return the cut pieces. Print out our flame templates and resize on a copier, scaling the images to fit your pumpkins.
Cut out stencils as directed on the templates and affix to pumpkins with masking tape. Trace on the designs with a felt-tip pen. Remove stencils, then carefully carve along the drawn lines with an X-Acto knife. Affix a battery-operated votive candle in the base of each pumpkin with adhesive putty. Finish by restoring your arrangement.

7. Painted Pumpkin City Jack-o'-Lantern

Give your jack-o'-lantern a new groove with these playful pumpkin designs.
A passel of pumpkins provides the backdrop for a quaint village scene. First, carve a hole in the bottom of each pumpkin, scoop out the pulp, and return the cut pieces. Print out these house templates. Resize on a copier, scaling the images to fit your pumpkins. Cut out stencils as directed on the templates and affix to pumpkins with masking tape. Trace on the designs with a felt-tip pen. Remove stencils, then carefully carve along the drawn lines of the houses' windows with an X-Acto knife. Fill in the designs using a fine-tip brush and black flat acrylic paint; let dry. Affix a battery-operated votive candle in the base of each pumpkin with adhesive putty.

8. Easy Twinkling Dots Pumpkin

It might look intricate, but this pumpkin is super easy to pull off—you just need a marker and a drill.

9. Happy-Go-Quirky

Here's the foolproof way to carve out ghoulish features: Tape transfer paper to a pumpkin and draw on your design. Then remove the paper and follow the outline.

10. In Disguise Pumpkin Carving Idea

Cut a sweet potato and an apple in half, and slice up a radish, then use toothpicks to arrange everything into a face for your pumpkin.

11. Corny Jackie Pumpkin Carving Idea

With highlighter, draw a curved line on the white pumpkin for mouth; add half-circles below for teeth. Carve along bottom of teeth, widening as needed. Using linoleum cutter, etch away the skin on teeth.
Carve eyes, then hot-glue 2 black jelly beans as pupils. Hot-glue candy corn nose and eyelashes. For hair, dip dried corn husks (from a grocery store) in a bowl of water and lay them out. While still damp, tear into different-width strips.
To make curly pieces, roll a few and secure with paper clips until dry. Working around stem, hot-glue one end of each husk strip to the top of pumpkin; use straight pins to secure as needed. Fold 2 wider corn husk strips in half, and wrap together at ends with a third strip to form a bow; hot-glue in place.

12. Hen and Chicks Pumpkin Designs

FOR THE HEN: Cut a hole in the bottom of a large pumpkin, and scoop out pulp and seeds. Trace the hen template. Use a knife to cut out the body and a pencil to lightly trace the comb. Paint comb with red acrylic paint. Tie together several strands of raffia and hot-glue in place to create the tail. Insert a piece of white chicken wire behind the hen's body, then adhere twigs with hot-glue to create legs and feet.
FOR THE CHICKS: Trace the chick template onto a smaller whole pumpkin. Use a potter's needle to indent the outline, then chisel out using a potter's ribbon tool. Insert a black pushpin for the eye; adhere twigs with hot-glue for the feet.

13. Mason Jar Pumpkin Carving Idea

This ode to the iconic Ball Mason jar features "fireflies" courtesy of string lights. To make it, cut a hole in the bottom of the gourd and scoop out pulp and seeds. Tape transfer paper onto the surface, followed by our downloadable jar sketch. Trace design using a pencil; remove papers. Using an X-Acto knife, follow the transferred image to chisel the outline of the jar onto the pumpkin, then use a linoleum cutter to gently shave the surrounding area as shown. For fireflies, cut several holes with a small clay hole cutter, then illuminate with battery-powered lights.

14. Squash Snail

Combined with a butternut squash, a swirly pumpkin shell creates a lovable version of the garden pest. 

15. Zipper Pumpkin Carving Idea

Hollow out medium round pumpkin from the bottom. Carve 2 oval eyes, then cut 2 smaller circles from leftover rind for pupils. Etch away skin on each pupil using linoleum cutter, attach a black button with the pin on top and secure to pumpkin with toothpick.
For eyebrows, use awl to poke 3 holes above each eye as shown. Push a length of ¼"-wide black ribbon through left hole; knot inside to secure, then thread through holes and knot to close.
Repeat for right eyebrow. For mouth, unzip zipper a little more than halfway. Use black pushpins or silver straight pins (color heads with black permanent marker) to attach zipper, shaping mouth opening. Trace inside open part of zipper with highlighter. Unpin to carve mouth, then repin in place.

16. Carved Cannibal

Mini pumpkins, watch out. This clever design will gobble up any gourd in its way.
Carve an opening out of the top or bottom of the large pumpkin, making sure it's wide enough to fit the smaller pumpkin or gourd through it. Scoop out the seeds.
Draw eyes and mouth on both pumpkins with the marker. Carve out with a knife for the larger pumpkin; use the melon baller for the smaller pumpkin.
Wipe off any remaining marker with a damp cloth.
Place small pumpkin inside large one and replace the top (or bottom) cutout.

17. Lion Pumpkin Carving Idea

This brave lion only looks hard to make. Hollow large pumpkin from base; carve mouth and eyes. Cut nose from a jack-be-little pumpkin; paint black and let dry. Attach to large pumpkin with toothpicks. Halve and hollow a small orange pumpkin for snout; secure with wood skewers. Halve and hollow a small orange pumpkin for ears, cut flat on one side; secure with toothpicks. Straight-pin faux chrysanthemums around face for mane.

18. Toothy Grin Pumpkin Carving Idea

After Step 2, spray-paint about 15 dry penne pieces and two shell pieces black on a covered surface in a well-ventilated area. Let dry. Flip pasta over and repeat on the unpainted side. In Step 5, replace nuts with black shells for eyes. Pro tip: Don't make a perfect circle when you carve the opening to remove the seeds. Add one jagged notch — it'll be easier to line the pieces back up.

19. Thirsty Vampire Pumpkin Carving Idea

To make this blood-sucker, carve eyes, brows and a mouth into a hollowed-out white pumpkin. Make pupils with permanent marker. Paint large wood teardrops white with red tips to make fangs; push into place. Top with a widow's peak cut from a slightly larger orange pumpkin. Pin a black craft foam collar around the pumpkin.

20. Leaf-Vine Lino Cutter Pumpkin Design

Use a lino cutter to etch away at a pumpkin's surface for elegant designs like these autumn leaves.

21. Sweet Tooth Pumpkin Carving Idea

For this Day of the Dead skeleton, carve two ovals for eyes and an upside down heart for a nose in a hollowed-out white pumpkin. Decorate it by hot-gluing candy corn, jelly beans, licorice laces and square gum, as shown. Paint one tooth gold.

22. Night Owls Pumpkin Carving Idea

When the sun goes down, these pumpkins are a hoot. Print and tape the templates (Baby Owl, Mama Owl, and Daddy Owl) to the front of a hollowed-out pumpkin, then use a transfer tool or metal skewer to poke holes along the outline of the template.
Remove and discard the template, then use a carving knife to cut along the design. Paint almonds and Brazil nuts orange and glue in place for feet and ears.

23. Hungry Jack Pumpkin Carving Idea

An apple a day keeps the bogeyman away! Carve eyes and a mouth into a hollowed-out pumpkin. Cut the ends off of two squashes and push into each eye hole. From the cutout ring, cut teeth and secure with toothpicks. Use permanent marker to draw a face on an apple and position in mouth, as shown.

24. Polka-Dotted Pumpkin Idea

Use a Hot Knife to cut holes in a painted pumpkin for a cute porch decoration.

25. Squash People Pumpkin Carving Idea

Who says a jack-'o-lantern has to be made from a pumpkin? These butternut squash goblins sport button eyes and parsnip noses; carving out the vegetable from the bottom adds stability and makes adding a light easily.

26. Witch Pumpkin Carving Idea

Make this bewitching display at home by first hollowing a green heirloom pumpkin. Carve out mouth and eyes, then attach parsnip nose with toothpicks. Straight-pin faux berry branches on top for hair.  Wrap ½-inch satin ribbon above hat brim and place on top of the hair.

27. Scarface Pumpkin Carving Idea

Draw eyes, mouth and scar (an angled horizontal line that goes all the way around) on the pumpkin with the marker. Following the scar line, cut the pumpkin in half. Scoop out the seeds; discard.
Insert many half-toothpicks into the bottom part of the rind; replace the top part, pressing into the exposed toothpicks to hold the 2 parts together.
Carve out the eyes and mouth; slice into the scar shape at an angle to make it more visible. Wipe off remaining marker with a damp cloth.
Using the skewer or awl, puncture pairs of holes opposite each other ½" apart along the length of the scar.
Bend a Q-tip into a U shape; press each end into a pair of holes opposite each other. Continue until holes are filled.
Press olives onto half-toothpicks and press into eye holes.


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