16 Homemade Emoji Costumes That Are Perfect for Halloween

The best part: Most of these ideas can be thrown together day-of.
You send and receive them every single day, and now its time to celebrate all your favorite emojis with these adorable and easy DIY costume ideas.

1. Poop

Everyone knows one (if not 10) people whose favorite emoji is this little guy.

Homemade Emoji Costumes

2. Crazy Tongue Face

This idea is a guaranteed laugh. DIY this goofy face last minute, using a circle of yellow felt, felt accents cut into the shape of facial figures, a googly eye, and a Popsicle stick.

Homemade Emoji Costumes

3. Salsa Dancer (Hair Focus)

Another version with any long red dress: Let your hair down (or wear a long wig) and pop on some red lipstick for a spot-on look.
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Emoji Halloween Costume Ideas

4. Food

Your dogs would probably rather eat tacos and pizza than be wearing costumes inspired by taco and pizza emojis, but they don't get a say in this. Lucky for them, these mostly-felt getups created by Meg Allen Cole are super-comfy — and ridiculously cute.


5. Cut It Out

Grab a pink long-sleeved shirt and you've got yourself a few different options, starting with this lady telling folks to "cut it out."

Homemade Emoji Costumes

6. Money Maker

With this costume, Halloween isn't just a holiday, it's a payday, too. Another yellow felt face option, this pick features dollar sign eyes cut from black duct tape, a green tongue and tan accents.

Homemade Emoji Costumes

7. Heart Eyes

This adorable yellow face features hearts for eyes to show just how in love with everything (and everyone) you are. Use glittery red felt for a touch of sparkle.

Homemade Emoji Costumes

8. Ghost

Is there any emoji that's more Halloween appropriate than the ghost? While ghost costumes are one of the most popular year after year, this silly unevenly-eyed emoji look is way more fun than your typical holes-cut-into-a-sheet variety.

Homemade Emoji Costumes

9. Crown

Yellow construction paper, scissors and tape — that's all you need for this one. How much simpler (and faster) could it possibly get?

Homemade Emoji Costumes

10. Laughing Crying

Few emojis show up more frequently used than the crying-laughing one. Simply add blue cutout "tears" to the yellow emoji face base — you'll have folks in hysterics all night.

Homemade Emoji Costumes

11. Dancing Duo

This takes a little more assembly than the rest, but don't worry, it's very minimal. Just get a pair of black tees, black shorts, black socks and black bunny ears, that are either folded or cut to get a flat top, and you're good to go.

Homemade Emoji Costumes

12. Cat With Heart Eyes

If you're one of those folks who's totally switched from using the regular yellow faces to all the cat emojis, you need to try this super simple costume.
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Emoji Halloween Costume Ideas

13. Pineapple

This pineapple costume is a little more complicated than most of the others on this list, but if you're willing to assemble the textured yellow dress and the funky green "crown," it is one of the cutest ways to show your love for emojis.
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Emoji Halloween Costume Ideas

14. Couple In Love

For a clearer couple costume, try this adorably in love pair wearing pink and blue shirts, carrying a bright pink heart between them.

Emoji Halloween Costume Ideas

15. Puppy Dog

We can all agree that this spot-eyed dog is one of the cutest emojis, right? Created using cardboard, tissue paper and glue, this idea takes a little extra effort, but it definitely pays off in the end.

Halloween Emoji Costume Ideas

16. Pizza

Pizza lovers young and old will be impressed by this fun DIY pizza costume. And if you're not a pepperoni fan, you can always construct different "toppings" out of felt to load onto your slice.
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Halloween Emoji Costume Ideas

These homemade Halloween costume will rock your celebrations. Emoji can be used in these creative costumes, I have never expected.
Make your Halloween more memorable with these emoji costumes.

Happy Halloween!!

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