10 Creative Mom and Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

A special shoutout to all our fellow new mamas! It is almost time to get your Halloween costume game face on and decide what ooh-and-ahh-worthy outfits you will pull together this year. Let’s be real, at this stage our littles have not hit that way-too-cool “I am NOT wearing that!” stage just yet, so it’s time to have some fun.

Try these 10 funny mom and kids costume on this Halloween.

1. Pineapple Halloween Costume 

With a yellow outfit, a bow and a green EVA sheet, you can recreate at home that fantasy full of charm for mom and baby! For being cheerful and fun this fantasy has the spirit of carnival.

2. Sun & Rainbow Costume 

You know how the song goes, and your little one really is your sunshine, your only sunshine, he makes you happy when skies are grey. Any mama can attest to this — what better way to honor your little sunshine by pairing up as your mini’s rainbow?

3. Garden & Bee Costume 

The delicate idea is for those who love a fantasy fominha even in the scariest night of the year.

4. Policial & Donuts Costume 

Another inseparable duo from the movies and guaranteed to rip off many smiles on Halloween night.

5. Sriracha & Taco Costume 

This one is a show-stopper! The trending hot sauce has finally given me an excuse to turn my mini into a teeny tiny taco!

6. Pizza & Slice Costume 

You can recreate at home with felt and hot glue, you do not even need to have a sewing machine to make the costume, which will get a lot of smiles out there.

7. Max & Wild Costume 

When I think of classic books from childhood, my go-to always has been and always will be Where the Wild Things Are.

8. Rainy Day Rainbow 

A super creative and unusual inspiration! Momma fancy rain cloud and baby makes the rainbow times, to complement.

9. Farmer & Chicken Costume 

This fofurinha can still be adapted to the pet you choose, keeping the idea of the farm.

10. Mother of Dragon Costume 

For those in love with Game of Thrones! Fantasie the dragon baby and customize your own Khaleesi as you prefer. It's worth using the character's literal reference or creating your own with story elements, as in the picture above. Perfect Fantasy for Halloween.

So, ladies! How you wanna dress up on this Halloween?
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Happy Halloween!

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